Maxx Builders select value-driven subcontractors, suppliers and vendors to work on its projects.

Maxx Builders has acquired a range of registered Subcontractors that it works with on all its projects, purely on the basis of quality of their work and focus on value. If you are interested to register as a subcontractor with Maxx Builders, or become a supplier partner, please complete and return the documents below.


Companies that provide labor for a project or perform labor-related tasks on a project site themselves, with or without material, tools and equipment are referred as Subcontractors. This also incorporates companies that provide Testing and/or Consultation services such as onsite sampling, testing and commissioning.

All companies that fall under Subcontractor category, perform some type of on-site labor.

Subcontractor Pre-qualification Documents, please return the following completed forms to procurement@maxxbuilders.com

Suppliers & Vendors

Companies that provide goods or services only, and do not supply any on-site labor to perform a specific task as part of the overall project are referred as Suppliers & Vendors. This includes but is not limited to the following:

A manufacturer, distributor, supplier of equipment, parts, raw materials (steel, lumber, concrete, etc.) or businesses that provide services such as transportation, packaging, facility maintenance, rental equipment (equipment only, no labor) or commissioning services. This includes any other services that don’t fit in the other categories stated here.

These vendors will not perform any on-site trade labor as part of the overall construction or tooling project. If you do, please refer to Subcontractor.

Supplier/Vendor Pre-qualification Documents, please return the completed forms to procurement@maxxbuilders.com

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